Localised Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Chronic Wounds

Oxyheal is medical device for chronic wounds patients which delivers oxygen in wounds to facilitate the healing.

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A new advanced, easy to use and cost effective solution coming to change lives.

OxyHeal Provides

Better Healing

Through localised Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy


Benefits of Oxygen therapy wherever it is needed

Ease of use

Requires minimal training to use being user friendly

Our Solution

Why it matters?

According to the national centre for biotechnology information, 60 lakh patients from the Indian population suffer from chronic wounds every year. Often these wounds result in the amputation of limbs, hip disarticulation or in worst cases may lead to death due to unavailablity of proper and affordable treatment.

The current therapies available in India either have side effects or are not that effective. The problem is huge and the solutions along with the resources are scarce and well as uneffective making it difficult for people to avail them.

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