About Us

Who Are We?

We are “THE OXYHEAL” Working day and night to provide people with a highly efficient, indigenous and cost effective medical device for the treatment of chronic wounds.

Our Mission

The mission and why we basically exist is to provide a more effective, portable, indigenous and easy to use medical equipment to cure chronic wounds and hence set a benchmark in the field of medicine.

Our Vision

To make India self sufficient and self reliable in the field of medicine with every person getting the best of treatment locally be it rich or poor.

Our Values

Determination, Integrity, Hard Work, Personal Growth and Welfare of the Society.


About the team.

A group of highly dedicated and efficient people from the field of medicine and technology come together sharing a common aim of a better tomorrow and also working for the same.

Our team believes that a problem needs a solution and instead of waiting for someone to come out with a solution, make one yourself.

Our Team

Our Core Members

Manash Sharma


Smit Rambhiya


Junaid Hussain


Bhaskar B.


Jayanth M.


Our Collaborators

Swathi Kulkarni


Sudhan R.


Rujuta Kelkar


Erum Arshad

Technical Executive